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Has your presenter, artist or contributor not been in the water for a while? Our clients often have the need to review and considerate previous experience and training and this can easily be achieved on a one to one basis.
Want to learn more about underwater filming and are already a qualified diver? Then join us for a Red Sea Filming Adventure.
We host a bespoke film making course aimed at all abilities in a small group based upon a modern well equipped live aboard vessel in the Red Sea.
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Thinking of a professional career? Alongside our training partners we are one of only nine centres in the UK to offer full HSE Scuba courses and can tailor the course specifically for the media industry.
Want to dive a rebreather? Our training partners can take you from basic training through to mixed gas.
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Full Face masks with Audio? No problem we can tailor bespoke training for using this kit in a broadcast environment.
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We understand our clients often work in some of the remotest places on the planet and in the need to work safely we can offer specialist training that is not usually available such as chamber operation and diver medic.
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